Vol 1, #17, July 7, 2009
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Shopster.com's free merchant network
brings social networking to online retail

Businesses can now integrate online commerce activities under one portal

Calgary-based Shopster.com has launched The Shopster Merchant Network, the world's largest one-stop shop for online sellers and suppliers to manage all aspects of their business. Users of the network are empowered with tools to manage their buying and selling relationships. In an industry first, it is free to join... bulletRead More

Shopster.com is helping online sellers and suppliers to manage their business.
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Businesses with no 2.0 strategy risk failure, report says
Employees expect 2.0 environments
An organization without a 2.0 strategy risks being left behind, or outright failure (though death may be slow), says Toby Ward, CEO of Prescient Digital Media's Intranet 2.0 Global Survey... bulletRead More
Zip.ca brings streaming movies to Canada
Online movie service first of its kind
Sonic Solutions and Zip.ca announced last week that they would be partnering to provide Canadian consumers access to high-quality digital movie downloads. As part of the alliance, Zip.ca ...bulletRead More

Twitter app puts bank fees in the spotlight
Track fees with Fee Twitter from ING Direct
ING Direct has become the first bank in Canada to offer a Twitter application that helps their customers track their bank fees. “Fee Tweeter”’enables users to tweet their bank fees and keep track of how much they are actually spending. Fee Tweeter is for Canadians who want more control over their finances. he application allows savers to share and compare the bank fees they've been harged and gives users a place to voice their thoughts on savings...bulletRead More

New homepage part of AOL Canada growth strategy
More opportunities available for advertisers
AOL Canada has re-launched its homepage which now allows consumers to access multiple e-mail accounts and social networking services from a single online destination. The new AOL.ca homepage will also be opened to third-party services and content, providing consumers with new customization options while offering advertisers new opportunities to tap into an increasingly engaged audience. The improved homepage is part of an ongoing global...bulletRead More

Top 10 most visited news, media sites
follow the weather

Canadians like to talk about the weather
Cottage season has come to Canada and everyone’s checking the weather before making holiday plans. According to Canadian Online Trends from Hitwise Canada, two of the top three most searched websites in the ‘news and media’ category for last week were talking about the weather. The Weather Network led the way with 7.78 per cent of visitors while Weather Office Canada secured third spot with 3.49 per cent. Yahoo! News Canada rounded out the top three most visited... bulletRead More

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