Vol 2, #23, June 8, 2010
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Canadian mobile ad revenue grows to $11.9M

2008 numbers up 347 percent over 2007 totals according to IAB report,
with 2009 numbers expected to be up additional 50 percent

In a recent study, t he Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada revealed that mobile advertising revenues in Canada exceeded budgeted expectations of $5.2 million, and grew by 347% over 2007 numbers, to just over $11.9 million for 2008. For 2009, Canadian Mobile Advertising Revenue...bulletRead More

Mobile advertising revenue in Canada
is expected to hit $18 million in 2009.
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Canadians spending more time online
Internet time overtakes television viewing
A significant milestone in the way Canadians access media was passed recently. For the first time ever in Ipsos’ tracking research, the weekly Internet ... bulletRead More
Our country's unique online shopping quirks
Canadians more demanding than ever
We revel in what distinguishes us from the cultural, political and economic behemoth below the 49 th parallel. When it comes to sports, cuisine...bulletRead More
Yellow Pages Group shows off busines owners
Campaign promotes online profiles
Yellow Pages Group has launched a new B2B campaign in newspapers in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto with a four-page free-standing insert (FSI) and a full-page, yellow-clad ad using the tagline “We're being watched”. The campaign leads to a toll-free number and a microsite (getfound.yellowpages.ca) featuring a behind-the-scenes “How it works” video showing Yellow Pages...bulletRead More

Microsoft, ElectionMall.com team up to win
CampaignCloud powers campaigns
ElectionMall.com and Microsoft Corp. havey announced a strategic partnership to provide the one-stop technology shop for running and winning political and issue advocacy campaigns. As part of the relationship, the companies introduced Campaign Cloud, an integrated set of customizable technologies, from online collaboration to robust Web presence. The two companies made the...bulletRead More

Hitwise names Top 10 online shopping sites
Craigslist makes three appearances
Canadians love to shop online and Hitwise has compiled a list of the top search terms for the industry 'Shopping and Classifieds', ranked by Search Clicks for the 12 weeks ending 05/29/2010. Topping the list...bulletRead More

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