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June 8, 2010

Yellow Pages Group shows off busines owners

Campaign promotes online profiles

Yellow Pages Group has launched a new B2B campaign in newspapers in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto with a four-page free-standing insert (FSI) and a full-page, yellow-clad ad using the tagline “We're being watched”.

The campaign leads to a toll-free number and a microsite (getfound.yellowpages.ca) featuring a behind-the-scenes “How it works” video showing Yellow Pages Group's own filmmakers in action.

Web banners and big boxes will also be appearing on Yahoo.ca.

“We wanted Canadian advertisers to know that the Yellow Pages™ brand is not just print anymore. We now offer a broad range of innovative products to advertise whenever and wherever consumers are ready to buy, be it on print, on the Web or on their mobile phones”, said Annie Marsolais, Director, Corporate and Marketing Communications for Yellow Pages Group.

Video Broadcaster™ is an advanced online business profile that includes key company details, up to ten photos and a 60-second HD video shot and edited for free by Yellow Pages Group, whose production team has already made more than 15,000 videos for businesses across Canada. 

“Video used to be a luxury for companies with big advertising budgets. Our cost-effective Video Broadcaster™ business profile brings video advertising to the small-business crowd. This helps them attract more customers and hence make more sales”, added Marsolais.

A 30-second TV ad was also produced for the French-speaking market. It first ran on sports channel RDS during Montreal Canadiens' fifth play-off game against Philadelphia Flyers on Monday. The ad features a fictitious sportsstore owner who appears to be broadcasting his own TV ad until the camera zooms out to reveal that his video is actually part of an online video business profile on YellowPages.ca.

The print campaign was created by artistic director Maya Rioux of Montreal agency Prospek and freelance copywriter Nicolas Ritoux who also penned the French TV ad, produced by IDI.

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