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June 8 , 2010

Hitwise names Top 10 online shopping sites

Craigslist makes three appearances

Canadians love to shop online and Hitwise has compiled a list of the top search terms for the industry 'Shopping and Classifieds', ranked by Search Clicks for the 12 weeks ending 05/29/2010. Popular classifieds site Kijiji took top spot.. Craigslist’s Vancouver site was ranked second while online shopping giant ebay had to settle for third place. Craigslist actually makes three appearances in the top ten. Below is the complete ranking:

1. Kijiji

2. Craigslist Vancouver

3. ebay

4. Craigslist

6. Canadian Tire

7. lespac

8. ebay.ca

9. kijiji.ca

10. Craigslist Toronto

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