Vol 2, #19, May 11, 2010
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Canada Post brings powerful new
self-serve, list cleaning offering online

Smart Data Cleaner offers easy-to-use online suite of services
to help mailers maximize their lists

Canada Post is now offering Smart Data Cleaner, a suite of easy to use, self-serve online services to help mailers improve their address lists and maximize the efficiency of their direct mail campaigns. Smart Data Cleaner is a quick and easy-to-use online tool that lets you clean and update your customer and prospect mailing lists. Simply upload your list into our self-serve tool and select the services you need...bulletRead More

Canada Posts new suite of online tools helps you maximize the efficiency of your campaigns.
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Double dipping into online engagement from restaurant
Swiss Chalet celebrates signiture sauce
Canadians now have another reason to enjoy Swiss Chalet’s famous dipping sauce with the brand’s new Dip ‘n Win promotion.   From May 3 to June 27, every... bulletRead More
Transcon acquires mobile solutions provider LIPSO
Purchase will add key services
Transcontinental is pleased to announce the acquisition of Montreal-based LIPSO, a leading provider of integrated mobile solutions, including connect ...bulletRead More
BlackBerry, iPhone dominating Quebec market
Study shows Android a close third
According to a study released by the marketing agency Pheromone, 11.2% of Quebeckers own a smartphone, a 3G phone with a large screen and Wi-Fi Internet access that offers the ability to install external applications. The Quebec market is essentially concentrated on three technology platforms: recent Blackberry models from RIM that support 3G, with 39% of the...bulletRead More

Relive your night out online with new service
Share experiences online or on your phone
RecreateMyNight.com has recently launched to help groups of friends recreate and document events by piecing together photos, videos, status updates, texts, voicemail and email posted online. More than ever before people are sharing their experiences online and on their mobile devices. Now there is finally one place where friends can compile, share, and relive experiences. ...bulletRead More

UPTREND Media partners with Streetfire.net
Auto enthusiast hotspot reaches millions
UPTREND media, Canada’s leading online representation company, is increasingly impressed by the growing video library of user-generated clips available on its partners’ website, the Seattle-based Streetfire.net, an online community for auto enthusiasts. Streetfire.net is an auto enthusiast hotspot, reaching over nine million people each month.  Videos and ...bulletRead More

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