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May 11 , 2010

Relive your night out online with new service

Share experiences online or on your phone  

RecreateMyNight.com has recently launched to help groups of friends recreate and document events by piecing together photos, videos, status updates, texts, voicemail and email posted online. More than ever before people are sharing their experiences online and on their mobile devices. Now there is finally one place where friends can compile, share, and relive experiences.

RecreateMyNight.com is geared towards a younger audience that tends to socialize in the real world and share experiences online and on their mobile devices regularly. It is also appealing for any group of friends who participate in special events or nights out and wish to share and exchange their experiences with others.

Using RecreateMyNight.com is as easy as logging in with a Facebook account. Once logged in, the site pulls together -- for users and all their friends -- photos, videos, events, and status updates into a single timeline view for a given night. Users can then add more media and comments to the “recreated night” and share them with friends. Further, friends can add more media and content to the night and the RecreateMyNight page will evolve for everyone to enjoy. Each friend who contributes to the night increases the depth of the user experience on the site for all.

“With the proliferation of communications through the web and on mobile devices, and the popular utilization of social networking, people are more connected and more engaged,” explains RecreateMyNight President, Tejpaul Bhatia. “Our growing culture of quick communications comes with an enormous expansion of data created and exchanged among friends. RecreateMyNight.com provides a fun and dynamic way to compile media and create a story for friends to relive shared nights out.”

RecreateMyNight.com provides a powerful solution to aggregate, share and relive experiences with friends and is driven through advanced technology. Specifically, the site uses a proprietary time-stamping system to integrate with multiple social networking and media sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. The system uses advanced algorithms to navigate peoples’ social graphs and media assets to create a timeline view of their lives.

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