Vol 1, #7, April 28, 2009
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Online video provides profitable
brand-building vehicle, report says

Canada ranks as global leader in online video viewing, according to comScore

By Amy Bostock, Editor
With 21 million Canadians viewing more than 3.1 billion videos online during the month of February 2009, online video has become the ultimate on-demand opportunity for advertisers, according to Bryan Segal, vice president of sales for comScore Canada.

“Canada’s high broadband penetration and tech savvy internet users make it an optimal environment for online video to flourish...bulletRead More

The average Canadian watched 10 hours of online video in February 2009.
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Top 25 social networking sites revealed
Twitter gains 19 spots over 2008 ranking

January 2009 numbers from show that although Facebook has taken the lead over MySpace in monthly unique visitors with 1.2 billion, the big winner in the...
bulletRead More
Hitwise joins in Canadian web measurement
Company to report on 85,000 web sites
Hitwise announced yesterday that they will be measuring Internet usage in Canada. The new service will report on 85,000 web sites across more than 160 industry categories based...bulletRead More

Tourisme Montreal shifts to 100% web-based advertising
Campaign maximizes ad investment
In response to changing consumer consumption trends, Tourisme Montreal has launched an entirely web-based promotional offensive to reach leisure markets and ensure enhanced influence for Montreal in travel and tourism circles. The aim of the new campaign is threefold and includes enhancing Montreal's notoriety as an urban destination ideal for short-term getaways, to persuade consumers to visit Montreal by showcasing price promotions, and to assist...bulletRead More

Who's Tweet-ing who: top 10 brands on Twitter
Big name brands cashing in on Twitter
There are many valid business reasons that can deliver a positive ROI why businesses should be participating on Twitter. The ways in which companies choose to use Twitter are quite varied and are typically determined by how they want to interact and the business value that they hope to extract. Twitter is a business tool and how a company chooses to use that tool will be determined by what they want to use it for: ie. news distribution, customer service, sales, ...bulletRead More

What Canadians are watching online
Google attracted 18.2 million viewers
According to a report by comScore, Canadians watched nearly 150 videos per viewer in February. More than 21 million Canadian viewers, or 88 per cent of the Canadian Internet population watched an average of 147 videos per viewer that month. Google sites attracted the most viewers with 18.2 million watching an average of 89 videos per viewer. Microsoft sites were a distant second, drawing 7.1 million viewers, while Facebook ranked third with 5.8... bulletRead More

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