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April 28 , 2009

Who's Tweet-ing who:top 10 brands followed on Twitter
Big names brands cashing in on Twitter
There are many valid business reasons that can deliver a positive ROI why businesses should be participating on Twitter. The ways in which companies choose to use Twitter are quite varied and are typically determined by how they want to interact and the business value that they hope to extract.

Twitter is a business tool and how a company chooses to use that tool will be determined by what they want to use it for: ie. news distribution, customer service, sales, branding, extending product awareness, product launches, promotion, relationship building, etc.

In these tight economic times, Twitter offers businesses a way in which to proactively listen, engage and extend your marketing, branding, support and business objectives for no hard costs.

The following is a list of the top 10 brands being followed on Twitter right now as compiled by the Electric Artists Twitter tracker, a real-time listing of the top media, entertainment and consumer product feeds being followed on Twitter.

Rank Name Category Followers
1 Whole Foods Retail 489,524
2 Zappos Retail 467,918
3 Jetblue Travel 391,145
4 NBA Sports 342,319
5 Starbucks Food 149,488
6 MTV Television 82,991
7 Southwest Travel 23,410
8 American Apparel Retail 18,619
9 Dunkin Donuts Food 16,965
10 Marvel Entertainment 17,555
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