Vol 2, #9, March 2, 2010
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Social media has growing impact on
nonprofit event fundraising, study shows

New research finds  that nonprofits can greatly increase awareness and support by providing social media tools to event participants

Social media continues to drive new levels of success for nonprofit event fundraising, according to a recent Blackbaud, Inc. and Charity Dynamics research project. “The popularity of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube has given rise”...bulletRead More

A new report shows how social media
channels can assist in fundraising efforts.
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Endangered marketer held captive in Halifax
Campaign shows how marketers must evolve
Cossette East has "captured" an Endangered Marketer, holding him for observation in a downtown Halifax storefront as an example of how marketers and marketing... bulletRead More
Tropicana launches multi-media campaign
Concept is distinctly Canadian
The Tropicana brand is taking a uniquely Canadian approach in the trend of expedition marketing through its new “Brighter Mornings for Brighter Days” campaign that launched yesterday.  And it couldn’t ...bulletRead More
New site helps parents become "Web Aware"
Online safety week opens in Calgary
In honour of Calgary's Online Safety Week, Media Awareness Network (MNet) launched an enhanced Be Web Aware Web site today, to better reflect changes in digital media that have occurred in recent years. The Be Web Aware site, which was originally developed in 2004, is an authoritative Canadian source of information on the benefits and the risks of the Internet for children and youth. "There have been significant changes in the...bulletRead More

Top 10 most searched sports sites, Hitwise
Canadians have Olympic fever
The closing ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games have ended but the online search activity centred around these Winter Games continues. The following is a list of the top ten most searched sports web sites over the last few weeks. The Vancouver 2010 - Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games site led the way followed closely by CTV Olympics and Yahoo! Sports Canada. MSN, TSN and NBC all made the cut for their Olympic coverage. Below...bulletRead More

AdvisorWebsites launch approved vendor program
Program focus on SEO, social media
AdvisorWebsites today announced the launch of its Approved Vendor Program. This program is open to companies involved in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media...bulletRead More

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