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March 2 , 2010

Endangered marketer held captive in Halifax
Campaign shows how marketers must evolve

Cossette East has "captured" an Endangered Marketer, holding him for observation in a downtown Halifax storefront as an example of how marketers and marketing tactics must evolve to engage consumers in the digital age. A dedicated website, www.endangeredmarketers.com, provides a live feed of the Endangered Marketer's rehabilitation.

"There is a shift underway and consumers are driving it," says Bill Murphy, President at Cossette East (formerly Cossette Atlantic). "More and more people are relying on digital media to provide them with their entertainment, information, and means of socializing. Emerging technologies have placed a strain on the traditional models for reaching consumers. Enter the agency for the digital age."

For 3 days an actor will portray an Endangered Marketer in a street-level storefront space at 1657 Barrington Street, Halifax. Passersby can watch scheduled "experiments" that introduce the Endangered Marketer to new technologies. www.endangeredmarketers.com provides a live feed, a mockumentary video and other interactive applications.

"The new breed of agency embraces new technology. We use the fastest growing media - digital - to deliver brand experience with a level of execution and entertainment value that audiences no longer get from more traditional media," explains Byron Fillmore, Vice President Interactive at Cossette East. "We wanted "Endangered Marketers" to showcase this. And let everyone know we're the new breed."

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