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March 2 , 2010

Top 10 most searched sports terms, Hitwise
Canadians have Olympic fever

The closing ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games have ended but the online search activity centred around these Winter Games continues. The following is a list of the top ten most searched sports web sites over the last few weeks. The Vancouver 2010 - Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games site led the way followed closely by CTV Olympics and Yahoo! Sports Canada. MSN, TSN and NBC all made the cut for their Olympic coverage. Below is a complete list of the top ten most watched Olympic sites:

  1. Vancouver 2010 - Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
  2. CTV Olympics
  3. Yahoo! Sports Canada
  4. MSN Canada Sports
  5. TSN
  6. RDS
  7. RDS Vancouver 2010
  8. NBC Olympics
  9. Yahoo! Sports
  10. Sympatico.ca - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Sourch: Hitwise Canada

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