Vol 1, #40, December 15, 2009
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Facebook asks millions of users around the world to personalize their privacy

Service gives users new tools to control their information

Setting a new standard in user control, Facebook announced last week that it is calling on its more than 350 million users to review and update their privacy settings - a first among major Internet services. In addition, Facebook will be rolling out easy-to-use tools to empower people to personalize control over their information ...bulletRead More

Users from all over the world have requested the ability to dynamically control who sees each individual piece of content.
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Sony launches unique mobile Twitter Cup
Invites fans to Tweet their teams to victory
With everyone gearing up for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Sony Ericsson is offering fans exclusive and exciting ways to support their team online and take them to victory in the first World Cup with social networking and media sharing at its heart... bulletRead More
Follow the flame with innovative online partnership
CTC, Coca-Cola, Tourism BC team up
As the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay makes its way through Canada, travel enthusiasts from around the world can get up close and personal with some of the extra-ordinary Canadian sites along the way. Online video...bulletRead More
Delvinia "Reboot"s corporate image, website
New site geared to clients, new hires
Recognizing the light at the end of the tunnel in the global economy, Delvinia has taken the opportunity to invest in its future and continued growth in the digital space. As part of this preparation, the company is launching the Delvinia ‘reboot’, which includes a new look for their website as well as for their physical home in downtown Toronto. The new website has vibrant colours and the new logo, coupled with a dynamic experience that offers users a real sense of commun ...bulletRead More

Top 10 most searched sites in Canada revealed
Google takes top spot in recent poll
Social networking and search are pretty much neck-and-neck in the newest Alexa ranking of the most searched websites in Canada. Search engine giant Google edged out the wildly popular social networking site Facebook to take top spot in the top 10 list. YouTube and Blogger.com also made the cut, as did the user-generated Wikipedia.Yahoo! and Microsoft Network also make an appearance on the list as does MSN Canada - showing that search is still a favourite past time for Canadian ...bulletRead More

Canadians are hunting for grey suede boots
Term ranked among fastest moving searches
According to Heather Hopkins of Hitwise, the search term "grey suede boots" was a Fast Moving Search Term last week in Canada among search terms sending visits to Shopping and Classifieds websites. The term appeared #2 on the Fast Moving Search Terms report and is a good example of an opportunity for Canadian retailers. The following table shows the top 20 search terms among the 1,691 search terms that contained the word "boots" in the twelve weeks to November...bulletRead More

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