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December 15 , 2009

Top 10 most searched sites in Canada revealed
Google takes top spot in recent poll

Social networking and search are pretty much neck-and-neck in the newest Alexa ranking of the most searched websites in Canada. Search engine giant Google edged out the wildly popular social networking site Facebook to take top spot in the top 10 list. YouTube and Blogger.com also made the cut, as did the user-generated Wikipedia.Yahoo! and Microsoft Network also make an appearance on the list as does MSN Canada - showing that search is still a favourite past time for Canadian internet users. Below is a complete listing of the top 10:

  1. Google - google.ca
  2. Facebook - facebook.com
  3. Google - google.com
  4. YouTube - youtube.com
  5. Windows Live - live.com
  6. Yahoo! - yahoo.com
  7. Microsoft Network (MSN) - msn.com
  8. Wikipedia - wikipedia.org
  9. MSN Canada - msn.ca
  10. Blogger.com - blogger.com
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