Vol 1, #21, August 4, 2009
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Microsoft, comScore partnership allows advertisers to measure online campaigns
RF Planner aims to make internet advertising more accountable

On Friday Microsoft and comScore announced that they will partner up to offer brand advertisers a digital media planning technology that will allow them to measure and track the effectiveness of their online campaigns. The new Reach and Frequency Planner (RF Planner) will use Microsoft’s ad serving data combined with demographic information...bulletRead More

RF Planner will measure reach, frequency and audience composition at the ad placement level.
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Search deal gets mostly a yawn from our readers-poll
Click! readers vote on Microsoft, Yahoo deal
In a poll conducted on Friday, only 15 per cent of Click! Weekly readers said that the new arrangement between Microsoft and Yahoo influence will influence their decision about where to place their pay-per-click ... bulletRead More
Canadians purchase $2B online with PayPal
PayPal releases ecommerce fast facts
On Friday PayPal released their Q2 2009 PayPal Canada Fast Facts based on recent quarterly earnings. The findings offer insight into how Canadians are using ecommerce in general and how they utilize PayPal ...bulletRead More
Site makes cross-boarder shopping easier for users
Service removes barriers to U.S.
MyUS.com announced discounts for Canadian PayPal customers using MyUS.com's package and mail forwarding service, making it easier for Canadians to make online purchases from United States retailers. The service addresses the reluctance among many American merchants to ship internationally, effectively barring Canadians from online shopping in the country “next door”. MyUS.com removes this barrier by providing Canadians with their own U.S. shipping...bulletRead More

Online ad revenue grows to $1.6B, surpasses radio
Category shows 29% increase in 2008
The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB) announced last week that Canadian online advertising revenues exceeded budgeted expectations of $1.5 billion, and grew by 29 per cent in 2008 to just over $1.6 billion. Publisher revenue from online advertising in Canada has more than quadrupled over the past five years - building from $364 million in 2004 to the $1.6 billion mark in 2008 -surpassing 2008 radio revenues of $1.55 billion in the process...bulletRead More

Entries close this week for Online Marketer awards
Last chance to nominate is this Friday
Click! Weekly is looking for your nominations for the most extraordinary minds in online marketing and you only have four days left to nominate your choice!This inaugural list will recognize the best online marketing professionals in Canada.“This is a hot list that celebrates online marketing leaders and innovators in Canada," says Amy Bostock, Editor of Click! Weekly. “We encourage all industry professionals to nominate colleagues whose creative strategies ... bulletRead More

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