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August 4 , 2009

MyUS.com makes cross-border shopping easier for Canadians
Service removes barriers to US

MyUS.com announced discounts for Canadian PayPal customers using MyUS.com's package and mail forwarding service, making it easier for Canadians to make online purchases from United States retailers.

The service addresses the reluctance among many American merchants to ship internationally, effectively barring Canadians from online shopping in the country “next door”.

MyUS.com removes this barrier by providing Canadians with their own U.S. shipping address. MyUS.com receives packages at its Florida warehouse, then forwards the merchandise to the customer's actual Canadian address, handling both the shipping and customs paperwork.

MyUS.com will waive the setup fees and provide a 15 per cent discount of up to $10 USD on the first shipment for Canadian PayPal customers who become new MyUS.com Premium customers.

“Most Canadians live within an easy drive of the U.S. border, yet for many American online merchants, they might as well be in New Delhi,” says Robert Chodock, chief marketing officer at MyUS.com. “Our service, coupled with the convenience of PayPal, removes the invisible wall separating 33 million Canadians from American retailers. Canadians are thrilled that they can now use PayPal at MyUS.com.”

As an added convenience to Canadian shoppers, MyUS.com will consolidate orders shipped in multiple boxes and from different merchants into a single customer shipment. The service eliminates the excess weight and packaging materials of individual boxes. All packages are sent via MyUS.com's global shipping partners, DHL and FedEx, and typically arrive within one to three days.

“MyUS.com is to international shipping what PayPal is to international payments,” said PayPal marketing chief Nicky Mezo. “Used in tandem, these two services make online cross-border shopping a whole lot easier-which is terrific for both Canadian customers and U.S. merchants, alike.”

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