Vol 1, #20, July 28, 2009
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Track and respond to your customers'
online behaviour in real time

New behavioural analytics service cuts out costly processing time

Today, Quantivo announced that its behavioral analytics service will be hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Amazon EC2 enables Quantivo to increase or decrease a customer’s analytic computing capacity within minutes, which can make the difference between capitalizing on a customer trend and missing it all together...bulletRead More

EC2 allows companies to track trends
and respond to them in real time
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Starbucks leads the way in social engagement
How do other brands measure up?
When you walk into any Starbucks location, you enter the ultimate of social spaces.  Starbucks has worked hard to turn their corner of your world into your third place.  So it’s a natural to see the company embrace... bulletRead More
Send and recieve money instantly with smartphones
Zoompass mobile app now available
The Zoompass mobile application is now available for download on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone. As Canada's first mobile payment service, Zoompass gives Canadians a fast and convenient way to send....bulletRead More
Bumper crop prompts website revamp
Integrated marketing campaign rolled out
The Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA) has unveiled their new premium positioned brand identity as part of the launch of a new global marketing campaign.With the downturn in the economy effecting the amount of fruit being exported, and the bumper crop of wild blueberries harvested last year, the WBANA decided to be more aggressive in their marketing campaigns. Along with website marketing at wildblueberries.com, the association has also been...bulletRead More

Website helps users get through divorce
Online tools help divorcees cope
Statistics show that nearly half of the marriages performed in Canada and the United States today will fail and end in divorce, with the rate even higher for those who marry more than once. To ease the burden for millions of North Americans, Don Dixon has developed and launched ManageMyDivorce.com, an online tool that will guide people through the arduous process — every step of the way.
“When you talk about divorce, there are really four divorces — emotional, social, financial
...bulletRead More

Viral video sheds positive light on pizzerias
Contest helps prospects improve their business
The pizza industry has had a couple of hard hits lately - a downturn in the economy coupled with a YouTube video showing employees misbehaving that seriously damaged consumer perception and threw Domino's into crisis mode.In response, mystery shopping firm Corporate Research International has found a unique way to market its small business mystery shopping program to independent pizzerias experiencing turbulent times. Using a variety of new... bulletRead More

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