Vol 1, #6, April 21, 2009
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Recession plan keeps Reader's Digest Canada in expansion mode
Offering multi-channel ad packages key to growth strategy

By Amy Bostock, Editor
While many publishers, both print and digital are feeling the crunch of the economic crisis, Reader's Digest Canada has implemented a "recession plan" that has seen the company grow it's brand across multiple channels.

"Reader's Digest Canada is in expansion mode and we're continuing to launch new products," says Yann Paquet, Director of Digital Media....bulletRead More

OurCanada.ca is ranked #6 in Canada
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Canada's top 25 favourite places
to visit online

Social media and search rank highest

Want to know where Canadians are spending their online time? According to Alexa, the “web information company”, Canucks are visiting search, social networking and video...
bulletRead More
Report predicts online advertising will dominate
Internet ad spend to grow 8.6% in 2009
While global ad spend will decline 6.9 per cent over the course of 2009, internet advertising, which will account for a 12 per cent share of the year’s ad spend, will be the only medium to see growth ....bulletRead More

"Data-driven" solutions key to attracting sales
Websites must be relevant to consumers
A recently released study by Delvinia Interactive shows that a retailer’s online presence needs to enable consumers to do their pre-purchase research online. The study, which compared the online habits of the Net Generation (age 18-30) and Baby Boomers (age 45-65), was commissioned to help businesses understand the digital behaviour and attitudes of Canadian consumers. What they found was that when it comes to the purchase cycle, bricks and...bulletRead More

Google puts local businesses in the spotlight
New search tools can increase rankings
Google has just announced changes to their search application that will level the playing field for small businesses and franchises. Google search will now recognize a user’s location through their computer IP number and automatically generate local results without having to input a city or location. “Maximizing the Google local business listing is an easy and free way for small businesses to stand out in a search,” says Scott Wilson, an SEO...bulletRead More

Online presence vital to hospitality industry, survey
More people using websites to pick hotels
In a Reuters Synovate survey of 6,300 people across 10 countries, 17 per cent said they mainly use review websites when picking a hotel, underscoring the importance of the internet for the hospitality industry. The global study showed that websites and hi-tech facilities are the top criteria travelers look for when picking a place to stay. Nearly a third of those surveyed said the number one way they assess a hotel is via its website. “We see how vital an online presence... bulletRead More

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