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Vol 1, #31, October 13, 2009
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Envision 2.0 packs marketing smarts
into easy-to-use online platform

Enhanced online marketing tool helps companies
better connect with customers

Environics Analytics (EA) has released the second generation of its popular micromarketing tool, Envision 2.0, offering a suite of one-click applications to help companies in any industry better connect with customers and markets...bulletRead More

New online marketing tool offers
enhanced reports and features.
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Who do our banks compete with online?
Hitwise shows how Canadian banks fare
Last week, nearly half (47%) of visits to According to a blog post from Hitwise, banks and financial institutions websites came from other Banks and Financial Institutions websites and 58% went to other sites in the same category ... bulletRead More
If you have nothing nice to say don't say it online
18% of Canadians regret online comments
From celebrities to average folks, more people are finding themselves held accountable for their online comments. A recent TD Insurance poll found that a majority (67%) of Canadians have posted comments online and 18%...bulletRead More
Samsung mobile struggles to build brand awareness
New campaign reaches out to youth market
When people think of Samsung they immediately think of televisions. What most Canadians don’t know is that Samsung has been #1 in mobile handset sales for the last four quarters. “We found ourselves having problems from a branding perspective because no one knew about our mobile division,” says Renee Sorese, Manager Strategic Marketing and PR for Samsung Canada. Another challenge is that the Samsung corporate website is globally controlled, which makes it hard to create online...bulletRead More

Ghosts and swine flu among top searches, Alexa
This week's Top 20 hot topics revealed
The most popular pages on the web right now according to the Alexa Toolbar run the gambit from television to politics to finance. Leading the way is Yahoo! TV’s coverage of the reaction to U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent Nobel Prize win, followed closely by searches for the new box office smash “Paranormal Activity”. Information about online gaming, free and otherwise, rounds out the top three. This week's entire Alexa Rankings Top 20 list of most searched topics is included below....bulletRead More

Canadian creates unique ad opportunities
Businesses invited
to buy a virtual egg

Rick Wilson has created a unique advertising opportunity for local and online businesses. He plans to sell 10,000 virtual eggs to be designed by businesses and displayed on his site “Million Eggs” that link back to the business’s website.  Online or local businesses have the unique opportunity to create and design an ad reflecting their business using the base shape of what brings life…an egg.   Businesses that purchase an egg , design it to reflect the type of business they offer... bulletRead More

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