Vol 1, #16, June 30, 2009
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Labatt takes its 'responsible use' message online with new multi-channel campaign
Brewery embraces new technology to reach younger audience

Just in time for the Canada Day holiday, Labatt is embracing the technology of today’s young people and launching a new online advertising and social engagement campaign to promote its long-running moderation message. Research shows that 19-24 year olds spend more time online than they do watching television.  They are steadily turning to social networks, blogs, instant messaging, Twitter and YouTube as their primary sources of information. ... bulletRead More

“Draw the Line in Vegas” invites users to post
and share photos on a Facebook page
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Top 10 fastest moving search terms, Hitwise
Celebrity deaths searches lead the pack
The death of pop icon Michael Jackson Thursday afternoon resulted a dramatic spike in search traffic. Google confirmed Friday that the spike in Jackson-related traffic initially prompted... bulletRead More
56% of Canadians have social network profiles
Ipsos study reveals 17% increase in 18 months
“Social Networking: 2009”, a new study from Ipsos Reid shows a dramatic increase in the number of online Canadians who have a profile on an online social network. In 18 months the percentage with a....bulletRead More

Zoompass mobile payment service comes to Canada
Move funds safely on mobile devices
Canada ’s three leading wireless operators have teamehg d up to launch Zoompass, a breakthrough mobile money transfer and payment service. EnStream LP, a mobile commerce joint venture company owned by Bell Mobility, Rogers and TELUS is offering Canadians a fast and convenient way to send and receive money securely using their mobile phone. The service is enabled through the Zoompass application on the mobile...bulletRead More

Security fears affect online purchasing habits
Economy not changing how we shop online
The economic downturn has not affected the way consumers shop online, according to a study released today by McAfee, Inc. and conducted by Harris Interactive. Seventy-two per cent of consumers said the economy has not changed the way they shop online. Instead, fears about online security and personal information are the biggest drivers behind terminated online sales. Nearly half of consumers have terminated an order or...bulletRead More

WestJet offers followers tweet deals online
Twitter account gives users special offers
On Friday WestJet announced the introduction of a new service that leverages the power of Twitter to provide its guests with instant access to great deals. Those Twitter users who sign up to follow “WestJet” on twitter.com will be provided with seat sales, special offers and other uniquely-WestJet opportunities. On Sunday, the first of WestJet’s Twitter deals was made available to those individuals following "WestJet".“We are a young, vibrant and healthy... bulletRead More

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