Vol 1, #13, June 9, 2009
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Energizer "keeps dancing" their way to increased brand awareness, sales
Facebook contest launched to celebrate 20th birthday of Energizer Bunny

By Amy Bostock, Editor
Much like its furry mascot, the Energizer digital campaign just keeps going…and going…and going. Launched by Spider Marketing Solutions a year-and-a-half ago, the digital marketing strategy for the battery giant is increasing its social media presence with last week’s launch of the beloved bunny’s 20th birthday party application on Facebook... bulletRead More

Energizer's viral marketing initiative invites Facebook fans to celebrate E.B.'s birthday.
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CRTC calls for national digital strategy
New media exempt from regulation
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced last Thursday that, after a careful examination and a full process, it will maintain its approach... bulletRead More
Get real-time insight into SM campaigns
Sysomos launches new SM analytics services
Toronto-based Sysomos has unveiled what they are calling “market shattering social analytics services” last week. According to co-founder and CEO Nick Koudas, the two new offerings ...bulletRead More

Chicken farmers click with consumers
Blog fits CFC's mandate of open communication
To further their mandate of talking to Canadians about food safety and nutrition, the Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC)is taking a major step in its online approach to communications with the launch of its new blog ‘Chicken feeds’. The goal of the blog is to discuss important issues such as animal care and to debunk some of the urban legends, myths and general misunderstandings about chicken. “Now more than ever consumers want information...bulletRead More

Nielsen provides first look at mobile internet audience
21% of Canadians browse mobile web
Nielsen Online announced in their Q1 2009 Canadian Mobile Internet Report that mobile internet adoption in Canada is reaching critical mass, with 21 per cent of mobile consumers using their mobile phones to browse the web and access their e-mail accounts.Nielsen is the first third party audience measurement company to release findings specific to the Canadian mobile market. The Canadian market is experiencing similar trends that are driving mobile...bulletRead More

Digital technology changes the way people socialize
Successful campaigns need engaging content
The newest report from Delvinia Interactive shows that there is a significant difference between the number of times Canadians visit social networking sites and the number of times that they actually post content. According to Julianne Smola, Director of Strategic Development with Delvinia, this means that companies need to ensure that they are providing ongoing content to their online communities. “The difference between the frequency of visits verses posts... bulletRead More

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