Vol 2, #18, May 4, 2010
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Egosurfing or wise career move? Survey shows most professionals have searched themselves online

Four out of five say they have entered their name in one or more search engines to see what results were displayed

Although some may dub it "egosurfing," others might call it a wise career move to conduct a web search to see what information about you is available online. After all, what is visible to you also is visible to potential employers. In a recent survey, four out of five (81 per cent) workers interviewed said they have entered their name in one or more search engines to see what results were displayed...bulletRead More

A recent survey shows that 81% of people search their names online to see what results come up.
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15 most visited Canadian web sites revealed
Social media use is on the rise, Suite101.com
Suite101.com, a global content site that provides trusted and reliable information to consumers has released its second annual readership index of ... bulletRead More
Nissan Canada charges up consumer web site
Keep up-to-date on all-electric Nissan LEAF
Nissan Canada has launched the Nissan LEAF consumer website offering Canadians the opportunity to learn more about the first all...bulletRead More
Social media consulting practice goes online
It's still all about profile on the web
Media Profile today launched MP Thread, a collaboration between Media Profile and Mark Evans, one of Canada’s leading social media strategists and technology bloggers. MP Thread offers a full range of social media services backed by dedicated experts who understand the social and digital space and how it complements traditional public relations. “We’re excited to have Mark work with the Media Profile...bulletRead More

House & Home TV moves to online programming
Breaks frontiers with weekly online show
House & Home Media is pleased to announce an exciting new venture for the lifestyle brand: a move away from conventional television and into online programming. This January, House & Home Television launched its 10th season available on demand at houseandhome.com/tv. H&H TV has enjoyed a huge viewing audience over the 12 years that it has aired on CTV, Global and HGTV. Back in 1998...bulletRead More

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