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May 4 , 2010

SM consulting practice now online

It's still all about profile on the web

Media Profile today launched MP Thread, a collaboration between Media Profile and Mark Evans, one of Canada’s leading social media strategists and technology bloggers. MP Thread offers a full range of social media services backed by dedicated experts who understand the social and digital space and how it complements traditional public relations.

“We’re excited to have Mark work with the Media Profile team," says Alison King, President of Media Profile. "Successful communication weaves together all the tools at your disposal. Digital and social media complement and enhance more traditional communications like PR and marketing. MP Thread will help organizations choose the right tools for them, define clear goals and create realistic Social Media strategies that have an impact.”

MP Thread services include training and education, research, planning, benchmarking, execution, alignment with PR, marketing and advertising strategies and measurement and monitoring.

MP Thread takes a collaborative approach that aligns to a client’s overall business goals, ensuring that social media programs are tightly integrated into their communications, marketing and sales activities. We believe that success in the social media world comes not only from strong tactical execution, but also from strong strategic focus.

“My entire career has been about telling stories," says Mark Evans. "As a newspaper reporter, I told stories about technology using traditional media. As a blogger, I tell technology stories using new media. In partnership with Media Profile, and specifically with MP Thread, we bring all that together. We help organizations tell their stories using whatever tools will help them reach their audience and achieve their objectives".

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