Vol 1, #4, April 7, 2009
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Search engine marketing delivers measureable results in the digital space
Microsoft-sponsored round table brings together experts to discuss benefits
of integrating SEM practices into a business's marketing plan

By Amy Bostock, Editor
If you’ve been hearing more buzz about search engine marketing (SEM) lately you’re not alone. Although the act of optimizing websites for the search engines has been around for years, businesses are now realizing that, when done correctly, SEM can dramatically increase lead generation, brand recognition, investor interest and sales. Last week in Toronto, Microsoft brought together five SEM gurus from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom for a round table discussion about...bulletRead More

Surfers do more than 65 million searches a day.
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Internet third most popular media in Canada, IAB
Canadians drawn
to online media

According to the Canadian Media Usage Trends Study, the internet is now the third most popular media type among Canadian users, just behind television and radio in terms of total weekly time spent by adults. bulletRead More
Microsoft delivers big solutions for small businesses
Windows Server 2008 affordable, reliable
Windows Server 2008 Foundation, the expansion of Microsoft’s Windows Server family, was released with small business needs in mind. Designed for businesses with 15 or fewer users, Windows Server 2008 Foundation puts the reliability...bulletRead More

eMetrics Summit stressed value of education
Event logs increase in workshop attendees
Planning a conference in the current economic climate was “tentative to say the least”, according to Andrea Hadley, conference director for the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Toronto held last week. Despite her reservations, the event was a really good success, with numbers coming in at about the same as last year.“In January and February we were actually about 25 per cent ahead of last year’s numbers,” says Hadley. “It slowed down in March but we still had...bulletRead More

Top 5 reasons we blog, email, post info about brands
Canadians are word-of-mouth champions
Word-of-mouth (WOM) is all the rage in modern marketing and Canadian consumers are WOM champions when it comes to promoting their favourite brands, according to the latest research from Colloquy, a Toronto-based provider of loyalty marketing publishing, education and research.A WOM champion is a customer who is "actively recommending" a brand, in a conversation, an email, a Twitter posting or a Facebook wall message.bulletRead More

Insights Part 2:
Understanding Social Networking

Top sites, terms every manager should know
Social networking is the process of creating relationships between a user and other people based upon some formal social graph. Social networks can be thought of as communities based upon interest or commonality that use the internet to connect the people of the network. Last week we introduced you to the first ten social networking terms we thought you should know. With help from O’Reilly Media, here are the next ten terms that will help transform you into a social networking whiz. bulletRead More

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