Vol 2, #5, February 2, 2010
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Click-to-call numbers in local ads make it easier for your customers to reach you

New Google feature lets you measure and track mobile ad effectiveness

Google has introduced a new feature to allow businesses to include click-to-call phone numbers in their ads for mobile devices with full internet browsers. When people search for goods or services using their mobile phones, they often prefer to call a store rather than visit that store's website...bulletRead More

Google has unveiled a new AdWords
application for smartphones
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Web satisfaction scores not up?
Visitor Insights shows you why not
Keynote Systems the global leader in on-demand mobile and Internet test and measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience, has announced Keynote Visitor Insights, a new cost... bulletRead More
Telefilm to fund integrated plans
Initiative encourages social media use
While taking part in Ciné-Québec, an annual networking event for Quebec film industry representatives, Telefilm Canada announced the launch of Web-Ciné 360, a new pilot initiative aimed at encouraging the...bulletRead More
Build better online surveys in less time SurveyGizmo 3.0 has drag-and-drop interface
SurveyGizmo, the only company in the market to serve the entire spectrum of survey users, announced the launch of SurveyGizmo 3.0. SurveyGizmo 3.0 users enjoy a new drag and drop interface for faster surveys building; a new dashboard and survey management interface; and a new reporting module that include deeper analysis , filtering and segmentation, and customizable reports. Current SurveyGizmo customers will see a new look and feel with...bulletRead More

Facebook under the microscope again
New privacy tool focus of public complaint
In response to a new public complaint, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is once again launching an investigation into Facebook, the social networking site whose privacy policies and practices were the subject of a comprehensive probe by her Office last summer. The complaint focuses on a tool introduced by Facebook in mid-December 2009, which required users to review their privacy settings. The complainant alleges that the new default settings...bulletRead More

Social Media Week is coming to Toronto
Event reaches across industry borders
Toronto 's inaugural Social Media Week will take place from February 1-5, part of a global week of simultaneous events in New York, Berlin, London, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo. This is the second annual Social Media Week internationally. The five-day conference will explore the profound impact that social media has on culture, business communications and society at large. Locally, organizers aim to facilitate conversations across Toronto's creative, digital...bulletRead More

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