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February 2 , 2010

Telefilm to fund integrated marketing plans
Initiative encourages social media use

While taking part in Ciné-Québec, an annual networking event for Quebec film industry representatives, Telefilm Canada announced the launch of Web-Ciné 360, a pilot initiative aimed at encouraging the integration of online marketing and the use of social media tools into distribution strategies for Canadian films ahead of the films' theatrical release.

In order to accelerate the industry's adoption of these new interactive tools intended to strengthen film promotion and marketing, Telefilm will offer financial assistance as well as training to distributors submitting eligible projects. In its pilot phase, the initiative targets French-language feature films.

"Social media tools and the web have enormous potential when it comes to promoting Canadian films," stated Michel Pradier, Telefilm Canada's Director of Project Financing. "Encouraging distributors to make better use of online marketing tool should produce convincing box-office results. Throughout the rollout of this new initiative, we will work closely with industry representatives to help them develop or perfect their knowledge of social media, to help them maximize their projects' impact."

"Web-Ciné 360 is a splendid initiative from Telefilm that meets distributors' need to put in place effective web strategies in support of their films' release," said Patrick Roy, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Vivafilm. "The initiative will allow us to develop strategies earlier in the production cycle, and so achieve better box-office results."

In its initial stage, Telefilm's initiative is aimed at distribution companies eligible for the organization's Marketing Program for French-language Productions, for projects having recently obtained production support. Distributors wishing to benefit from Telefilm support under the Web-Ciné 360 project must include online marketing in their promotional strategy by making use of search engine optimization or web technologies in general; by producing a content-rich website; by creating content for such social media tools as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; or by using online advertising. In order to measure the strategies' efficiency, distributors will be invited to make use of recognized online marketing and web audience analysis tools, and even to use companies with expertise in this area.

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