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September 22 , 2009

Deliver premium mobile ads effectively
Tribal Fusion, Greystripe debut new mobile offerings

Tribal Fusion , the digital marketing solutions company owned by Exponential Interactive, Inc. , today announced a partnership with Greystripe, the rich media mobile advertising network. Through this partnership, Tribal Fusion will provide new rich media mobile advertising to help brand marketers easily and effectively reach the growing number of Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users internationally.

Tribal Fusion Mobile offers fully integrated, full screen interstitial ads to help marketers deliver high-impact experiences on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. By partnering with Greystripe, Tribal Fusion's mobile ads can reach these influential and high-value consumers through key ad placements in games and applications available through Apple's App Store. The ads appear when users have selected a game or application, before the expected content is displayed, and include appropriately-placed pause prompts to guarantee recognition, even for users who choose to skip the ad. These high-impact ads increase user engagement, generating up to a 4 percent clickthrough rate in past campaigns.

"Rich media and highly engaging content are what will ultimately win with mobile, and that's why Tribal Fusion has partnered with Greystripe to provide advertisers with an integrated, cross platform solution to reach iPhone and iPod Touch users," said Toby Gabriner, President of Tribal Fusion. "Tribal Fusion Mobile offers the right balance of innovation, depth of service, and broad international coverage to help our clients create the most effective campaigns possible for this valuable consumer base."

In contrast to other mobile advertising providers, Tribal Fusion Mobile ads adhere to IAB specifications and standards, which helps advertisers use the same creative developed for online ads in the mobile environment, saving time and costs. Tribal Fusion Mobile is the first to offer advertisers a simplified way to reach lucrative mobile markets and completely integrate their mobile efforts into their online and offline marketing campaigns. Metrics from Tribal Fusion Mobile campaigns are fully integrated with online results, helping advertisers consolidate reporting from multiple campaigns into a single source to gauge audience reach and ad effectiveness.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Tribal Fusion to provide a seamless mobile brand advertising solution that is 100 percent integrated with their client's online media purchase," said Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe. "The partnership is a natural fit and an important step in achieving Greystripe's goal of offering mobile engagement to the largest national brands."

"People's lifestyles are changing because they can get more information on their mobile devices," said Sean Crawford, Senior Director, International Strategy and Operations, Tribal Fusion. "With the success of the iPhone in Canada, advertisers need new ways to reach this valuable audience. Having the ability to easily integrate mobile advertising into their existing marketing strategies is key for our clients."

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