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October 6 , 2009

Porche Canada launches winter campaign
Microsite encourages year-round driving

With the launch of Winter Sports, a microsite appearing prominently on www.porsche.ca as well as the Web sites of Canadian dealers, Porsche Canada is launching a comprehensive marketing campaign designed to encourage Porsche customers to take full advantage of their vehicles' capabilities year-round. As well, it seeks to remove one of the traditional psychological barriers to buying a Porsche, demonstrating that, Cayenne or Cayman, Boxster or 911 or Panamera, every Porsche is designed, engineered and tested to put up with the worst Canadian winter conditions.

"While visiting Porsche dealers around Canada, I was amazed to hear how many owners put their Porsches away for the winter," says Joe Lawrence, President and CEO of Porsche Canada. "There is no rule against driving a Porsche in the winter! To the contrary, a Porsche performs strongly and safely whatever the season. With most of its weight over the driven wheels, the classic rear-engine 911 Carrera still has an inherent traction advantage, while the mid-engined Boxster and Cayman also offer surprisingly strong winter performance when equipped with the right tires. Of course, for the ultimate in winter-weather driving, Porsche now offers 13 different all-wheel-drive models in the 911, Cayenne and Panamera ranges."

The microsite includes information on the winter-driving attributes of Porsche's full model range. It also features advice on choosing the correct set of winter tires and other equipment, winter driving tips and even a section which offers winter clothing and accessories to Porsche drivers.

"We want to change the perception in the minds of prospects who may believe a Porsche would be impractical during a Canadian winter; the value proposition improves when they realize a Porsche can be driven year round, says Lawrence.

Winter will be an important part of all of Porsche Canada's marketing efforts through the next several months. The Winter Sports microsite is backed up by 15,000 direct-mail pieces, sent to customers and distributed through dealers; an e-mail promotion campaign; and national and dealer print advertising. Showroom-level displays featuring Porsche-approved winter wheel and tire sets along with other winter-related Porsche Tequipment and Porsche Design Driver's Selection items will complete the package.

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