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October 27 , 2009

Aeroplan launches first mass media campaign in years
Online components key to success

Incorporating email vehicles, microsites and an online banner campaign with traditional media channels, Aeroplan is launching a mass media campaign to promote its biggest bonus Aeroplan Mile offer ever. The last quarter campaign wraps up a full year of member specials in celebration of Aeroplan’s 25 th anniversary.

Aeroplan partners CIBC, American Express, Air Canada, Avis, Delta Hotels and Resorts and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have united to launch this unprecedented offer that could earn members more than 4 miles per $1 spent.

“This is a different kind of campaign than we usually run,” says David Klein, VP Marketing and Planning at Aeroplan. “It has a horizontal design that is very innovative for us.”

Klein says the campaign is successful because Aeroplan’s partners recognize the importance of cross-promotion and are willing to be a part of a new and unprecedented program in the loyalty space.

The campaign will incorporate a number of online components including email blasts from Aeroplan itself as well as from the participating partners.The promotion also has its own microsite and an online banner ad campaign is already underway.

“We have a high penetration rate with our email base so it’s a very effective channel for us to reach our members,” says Klein, who also says that although the Aeroplan site tends to have high traffic anyway, the introduction of the promotion’s microsite has caused a big increase in the last few weeks.

“The campaign will be measured by conversion, number of visitors, click-throughs and how the banner ads performed,” says Klein, “but at the end of the day the real success of the campaign will come down to consumer transactions.”

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