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November 3 , 2009

Web-based app generates, tracks sales leads
95% of readers abandon web forms

Vitrium Systems, a leading PDF-technology vendor, today announced the launch of PDFSalesLeads, a web-based application that allows organizations to easily generate valuable sales leads from their PDF content.

Today, organizations that use PDF content frequently require readers to fill out web forms before they are granted access to the material. However, up to 95 percent of readers abandon web forms when required to complete them before they can view the relevant content. Users who cannot preview material will also often input false information into web forms, resulting in bad or unreliable sales-lead information.

"Requiring viewers to fill out lengthy web forms before they access information substantially undermines the overall sales-leads effort," said Peter Nieforth, Co-Founder and CEO of Vitrium. "With PDFSalesLeads, readers have the opportunity to preview a portion of the material first, resulting in high-quality leads who have read the accessible pages and determined they are genuinely interested in learning more."

PDFSalesLeads enables PDF creators to automatically embed dynamic forms inside their PDFs, determine on which page the form will appear, as well as which information to request. Potential leads preview the PDF material, gaining access to select pages before being asked to fill in information.

The PDFSalesLeads form travels with the document, capturing pass along readers who have been forwarded the content after the initial download. Once the reader has filled out the form they can view the document in its entirety while their information is sent to the creator's PDFSalesLeads account, all in real time. Creators can view their leads in the application or export the information to Excel or a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system such as SalesForce.com.

PDFSalesLeads features

  • Upload PDFs from anywhere using the web-based interface
  • Select which questions to include on the form
  • Select which page of the PDF the form will appear
  • Select any logo or image to include on the form
  • Download the enhanced PDF and distribute (post to website, email etc.)
  • Interested readers download the PDF with no web forms or other barriers
  • Readers can freely view the open pages prior to the form
  • Interested readers arrive at the form and provide their information to gain access to the rest of the content
  • Data entered in the form is sent to the creator's PDFSalesLeads account, where they will receive email notifications
  • View leads in the application or export leads to Excel or popular CRM systems like SalesForce.co
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