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November 3 , 2009

Ipsos Reid study shows internet access in Canada has reached an all-time high
More than eight in ten Canadians now have internet access at home

A new Ipsos Reid study has found that more than eight in ten Canadians now have internet access at home. That’s an increase of six per cent from Q2, 2008 and a four per cent increase from Q4, 2008.

“Even in difficult economic times, Canadians understand that having internet access in essential in today’s society,” says Mark Laver, author of the study that examines online trends and activities. “Internet access is critical in finding employment, it can be used to save money, for paying bills, finding deals, and as a form of entertainment. It has become so important to the lives of Canadians that in some areas of the country, internet access is almost identical to home phone access.”

The study found that access at home is almost universal for those under 55 years of age as 89 per cent of those aged 18-34 and 87 per cent of those aged 35-54 have internet access at home. In comparison, only 69 per cent of those aged 55+ have access at home.

“The older generation is the fastest growing segment of online users, quickly catching up to the younger generations in their adoption of the internet,” says Laver.

Dial-up access is in the last stages of use as only eight per cent of internet-enabled Canadians access the internet through this method, while about eight in ten are using some form of high speed access.

“Internet service providers have done an excellent job of moving consumers up the value chain into higher speed offerings,” says Laver. “However, I also think that we are beginning to see the newest wave of access through mobile devices. This could be the next big growth pahse for the internet.”

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