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November 10 , 2009

Uncover customer insight hidden in web analytics data
Reveal what customers will do in the future

Quantivo, a leader in on-demand Behavioral Analytics, has announced Quantivo for E-Commerce, a customer analytics solution that includes 18 of the most critical e-commerce behavioral insights as out-of-the box reports. For the first time, e-commerce marketers and merchandisers can immediately uncover which distinct segments of customers will click next, view next, or purchase next, based on what similar customers have done in the past. This analytics solution was created by combining Quantivo’s unique, award-winning Behavioral Analytics technology with real-world expertise gained from working with leading e-commerce companies.

“To expand any e-commerce business, companies need to look beyond the ‘what if’ questions and start to act on ‘what is,’” said Brian Kelly, CEO of Quantivo. “Typical web analytics reports can help you to understand what your customers did, but they leave you scratching your head to determine why and what to do next. Quantivo not only tells you why, but precisely how you should respond to those behaviors to increase clicks, visits and purchases.”

Since more clicks do not always transfer to more customers, Quantivo for E-Commerce includes pre-built insights that help e-commerce companies get more new customers onto their website. With knowledge of where customers come from, what they do, how much they spend and combinations of these factors, companies can attract the best new prospects and convert them into loyal, repeat customers. Quantivo’s instant insights uncover the best and worst referral sites for generating first-time visitors, products that are viewed and purchased by different campaigns and promotions, how products or categories drive views and purchases of different products and categories, and much more.

“We drew upon our experience with leading e-commerce companies and created out-of-the-box insights that are the most beneficial and immediately actionable,” said Kelly. “Quantivo E-Commerce also allows marketers and merchandisers to ask their unique customer behavior questions directly on their data, eliminating the bottleneck of corporate business intelligence and complex query languages - putting behavioral insights right into their hands. We take marketers over the finish line by directly exporting actual customer segmentations into marketing automation or CRM systems and so that companies immediately capitalize on this knowledge.”

Decoding how to keep customers coming back is the key to building e-commerce revenue for the long haul. Quantivo for E-Commerce helps reveal clear customer segmentations based on customer behaviors, purchasing patterns, referring sites and what separates the most loyal customers from the rest.

Purchases are important, but only if they are profitable. Understanding what first-time and repeat customers buy alone, together, or over time can improve the profitability of each transaction. Quantivo for E-Commerce contains instant insights that help online companies gain insights into how purchases and profitability are affected by visit frequency, time span between visits, and other behaviors that signal profitable – or unprofitable – customers.

Quantivo for E-Commerce is a complete solution that includes Quantivo Analyzer, Quantivo Enrich, 18 E-Commerce Instant Insights and a professional services package specifically designed to get e-commerce customers up and running in just a few days. Analyzer is advanced analytics with an easy-to-use interface that allows even the most novice business user to answer complex customer questions, then view and export the underlying customer details. Enrich is an advanced data enrichment and integration solution that quickly creates a comprehensive view of customer behaviors by backfilling missing web analytics data, connecting multi-channel behaviors and adding important business metrics to the original data.

Quantivo for E-Commerce supports a streamlined process to help e-commerce companies go from data overload to clear answers in just days. Quantivo supports Webtrends’ native log files and Marketing Warehouse data as well as Omniture native log files, and web analytics data captured by other solutions. No changes are required to existing tags and all web operations remain unaffected. Quantivo also accepts any POS, social graph, CRM and proprietary customer data.

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