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November 10 , 2009

Where do Canadians start their day?
Sympatico.ca logs 17.5M unique visitors

Canadians are turning to the Sympatico.ca portal in record numbers. This was proven with the release of its latest online audience numbers.

Sympatico.ca which has been operating as a distinct portal since September 1 st is Canada's online destination for general interest topics such as news, health, entertainment, music, sports and technology.

Sympatico.ca had exceptional performance in September with an audience of 17.5 million unique visitors in Canada through Sympatico.ca Network.

“We are very happy about these results, but even more so by the overall execution of our team and partners. From the planning to the transition itself, our team has demonstrated once again its know-how and expertise” says Gary Anderson, Bell’s Vice President responsible for Sympatico.ca.

One of Canada’s largest internet projects in 2009, the Sympatico.ca transition has been seamless for both users and advertisers. “Our primary focus, as always, is on the client experience, as evidenced by the ongoing growth in online content and services offered by Sympatico.ca to its advertisers,” added Gary Anderson.

September by the Numbers

  • The sympatico.ca portal has captured the interest of over 9.6 million unique visitors generating over 300 million page views and being visited more than 12 times in the month on average by each unique visitor.
  • More than 2 billion ad impressions served and targeted by interest, age, gender, region, behaviour, etc.
  • New partnership with Best Health continued to perform above index as 73% of the visitors are women, but even more important outperforming significantly in the 35-44 age group.
  • Fashionism.ca, CelebEdge & Yourmoney.ca are all successful at attracting women 35-44 (64%, 62%, 60%) and have all reached over 300,000 unique visitors last month.
  • One month into its launch, inMovies.ca attracted almost 200,000 unique visitors.
  • In the first 30 days Sympatico’s new autos channel generated over 5 million page views, was visited over 1 million times & attracted an audience of over 800,000 unique visitors in September.
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