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May 25 , 2010

DOSE.ca delivers entertainment fix on-the-go

Free app aimed at young, urbanites

Dose.ca, Canada’s leading pop culture site for entertainment, fashion and style news, has become mobile and launched a free app for the iPhone that can be downloaded from the iTunes store. It opens a new channel for sponsors and advertisers to reach the young, urban, 18-34 year olds in Canada who rely on Dose.ca to bring them the latest news on entertainment and style.

Leveraging the phenomenal success of the Facebook Fan page, now with over 20,000 fans, the Dose.ca app for the iPhone delivers what’s going on in the entertainment world directly into the hands of people who want the latest information on the go.

The launch brings opportunities for sponsors and advertisers to reach this influential group of consumers through splash advertising, and leverage the power and connectivity of the social networking explosion on wireless devices. It represents a new component in Canwest Digital Media’s evolving social media strategy, syncing with the web site, Dose.ca’s Facebook Fan page, Twitter feed and YouTube videos.

“People expect full social networking and robust content to be delivered to them anywhere, anytime”, says Ray Philipose, vice president of strategy and product development for Canwest Digital Media. “We believe in the power of social networking, and constantly seek out new means to leverage it to provide relevant and meaningful content. Because Dose.ca is uniquely Canadian, it offers advertisers a new way to effectively reach the growing segment of the population who want to maximize their time by using their wireless phone in new ways.”  

The free app can be downloaded at http://www.dose.ca/app or from the iTunes App store.

Dose.ca has experienced significant growth in its reach of young, and largely urban, online Canadians who look to the site, the Facebook Fan page, and now the iPhone app to give them their entertainment fix anytime, anywhere. The site itself re-launched in November 2009 with a renewed focus on social networking, including a Facebook Fan Box option displayed throughout the site.

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