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May 19 , 2009

Tweet schedulers enhance productivity
Six free tools for pre-posting tweets

At the recent Massive Technology Show, a panel of social media experts discussed how to save time and increase productivity when using Twitter. Instead of being limited by posting real-time Twitter messages, called Tweets, users can actually pre-post messages day or night by using one of the following six free Tweet schedulers.

1. twAitter – Users can select from a personal or business account and both are free. Sign up is simple; just enter the Twitter username and password. In just seconds, a simple and clean interface is displayed showing pertinent Twitter information including followers, following, updates and more.

twAitter features:

  • Schedule Tweets in advance and also select end dates
  • A handy calendar is included
  • Automatic RSS feed
  • Schedule Tweets to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • There is no URL shortener with this service.

2. TwitBabble – TwitBabble is a free download. Users can send messages to Twitter straight from the computer desktop.

TwitBabble features:

  • Tweet directly from the computer desktop
  • Create scheduled messages
  • View and send direct messages
  • Search
  • View followers and replies
  • ReTweet
  • Share photographs with others
  • Shortened URL service
  • A small icon is placed in the computer system tray for easy access.

3. Twuffer – Twuffer offers a no-frills service with a simple interface. No registration is required to use this service; simply enter the Twitter username and password to begin.

Twuffer features:

  • Pre-Tweet hourly, daily or monthly
  • Includes a handy appointment and milestone reminder
  • Users can only send Tweets on the hour and no re-occurrence option is available.

4. FutureTweets – Users can register in two ways; select a username, password and email or simply use OpenID. Email validation is required prior to using the service. The FutureTweets interface is user-friendly, clean and simple.

FutureTweets features:

  • Tweet scheduler
  • Repeat Tweets on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Send an upside-down Tweet just for fun
  • There is no URL shortener with FutureTweets.

5. HootSuite – To begin using this free service, register, add Twitter account information and wait for confirmation email.

HootSuite features:

  • Tweet scheduler
  • Can use multiple Twitter accounts at the same time
  • View pending Tweets and statistics
  • URL shortener
  • Hootlet bookmark applet
  • Ping.fm integration
  • RSS/Atom feeds
  • Email notification option
  • View DMs, Stats, Faves, Search, Sent and Pending Tweets from the control panel
  • Generate revenue by embedding Google AdSense code into Tweets
  • No re-occurrence feature is included in the service.

6. TweetLater - There are two versions of TweetLater – a free and paid professional. To start using this service, register with a username, password, email address, real name and time zone. A step-by-step tutorial is also available.

TweetLater features:

  • Multiple Twitter accounts option
  • Save and reuse draft Tweets
  • Track keywords
  • Send automated DMs to new followers
  • Publish within 60 seconds or a specific time
  • Includes an automatic URL shortener and tracker
  • Automatic follow and unfollow options
  • Direct message purger
  • Free newsletter
  • The re-occurrence option is only available with the professional version.

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