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May 18 , 2010

Campaign says it's okay to cheat...on your city

Toronto , Montreal launch fun promotion

Tourism Toronto and Tourisme Montréal have teamed up to launch a cheeky, fun new promotion that encourages residents to cheat…on their respective cities.  The unique co-branded campaign, which launches today in each city, invites Torontonians and Montrealers to confess their cheating hearts via a mobile confession booth for the chance to win a weekend getaway for two.

“We want our residents to know that it’s ok to enjoy what each city has to offer,” said Andrew Weir, Tourism Toronto. “Torontonians in particular often feel guilty that they like Montréal, so we’re officially giving them permission to confess their love – and of course, we’re encouraging Montrealers to do the same.”

“It’s also about reminding Torontonians and Montrealers about what’s new and great about each city,” said Tanya Churchmuch, Tourisme Montréal.  “Our main objective is to get repeat visits from Torontonians and to encourage them to create a rendez-vous with Montréal. Whenever a Torontonian wants to cheat on their city and have a good time, we want them to think of Montréal first – and vice versa of course!”

Sid Lee came up with the campaign concept and developed the creative, which plays up on the guilt factor of “betraying” your home city by liking another.

“We thought, how do we package this guilt that people are feeling? Let’s give them permission to cheat,” said Jo-Ann Munro, Co-Creative Director, Sid Lee.  “We wanted to position ‘the other city’ as the mistress to play up on this, since everyone likes the idea of doing something a little forbidden.”

The mobile confession booths are designed to look like hotel rooms and will be in each city from May 17 – June 7.  Each features a room with an inviting “hotel” bed where residents can don a bathrobe and confess their clandestine affairs with Montréal or Toronto on-camera.   The videos will be uploaded to QuickieWithMontréal.com/PtiteViteavecToronto.com, where visitors can learn more about what each city has to offer, see what people are saying about the other city and vote on their favourite confessions.  One winning confessor from each city will win a trip to Toronto or Montréal.

 The confession booths not only offer the opportunity for residents to divulge their secret love for each city, but they show the best of what each city has to offer with promotional videos and maps with cool, off-the-beaten-track suggestions for a memorable “quickie”.  Each resident who makes a confession will also receive an exclusive, original t-shirt designed by Sid Lee Collective depicting Toronto and Montréal’s most famous landmarks.  

“This is an extremely strategic, exciting campaign that allows residents to live and experience the brand of each city,” said Valerie Gervais, Director, Client Services, Event Marketing, Eastern Canada for NEWAD, who produced the promotional videos and is coordinating the overall execution for the campaign. “It’s not something typical that people expect – residents are really going to stand up and take notice.”

The campaign also leverages NEWAD’s indoor advertising network, including mini-boards and e-boards located in strategic locations in each city.  The e-board will run the promotional videos in 15-second loops, which feature several confessions recorded in advance of the campaign.   The agency has also recruited street teams who will hand out promotional materials on-site at each confession booth including the maps created by Sid Lee.

Radio buys with Virgin Radio in Toronto and Energie in Montréal were coordinated by Cosette and public relations support for the campaign is being handled by Edelman in Toronto and Montréal.

For more information, visit QuickieWithMontréal.com/PtiteViteAvecToronto.com.

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