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May 12, 2009

April's top 50 most talked about social brands
Listing of brands with the most active web presence

Twitter dominated the web last month according to the Buzzstudy.com April 2009 Social Radar Top 50 which measures the brands with the most active web presence based on overall online conversation volume.

For the second month in a row, tweeters have made this site the hottest brand on the web and April’s numbers show that it built up an additional 10 per cent in chatter.

Using Social Radar to analyze millions of blog posts, news feeds, forums, social networks and Twitter posts, buzzstudy.com is able to aggregate a list of the words and brands mentioned most frequently on the web each month. The list measures the number of unique individuals or sources that posted content about each brand during April 2009 rather than the overall number of mentions, which would be more heavily influenced by big fans who post frequently about a specific brand.

Content sharing website Digg joined the Top 50 this month as did enterprise software company Oracle. And as the NBA and NHL playoffs heated up in April, the NHL joined the Top 50 while the NBA jumped 9 spots.

Dell and Kindle both dropped out of the Top 50 this month.

Conversely, CNN jumped up 10 spots thanks to the race to a million Twitter followers with Ashton Kutcher. IBM also jumped four spots thanks to increasing focus on social media.

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