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March 31, 2009

Skype's new offerings target business users
Cite increased calling power without upgrades

Skype has announced a new version of its internet calling software that connects to corporate phone systems.

The Skype for SIP Beta program will enable even more business conversations by allowing the communications from a company’s traditional phone system to flow through Skype.

With Skype for SIP Beta you simply make and receive calls with Skype using the SIP (session initiation protocol) protocol that many phone systems support natively. No more boxes in the middle, no more points of failure, just pure SIP.

By enhancing existing SIP communications solution with Skype for SIP Beta, companies can now reach a community of over 405 million people on Skype while at the same time benefiting from reduced costs, higher quality conversations and competitively priced calling rates to national and international destinations. Couple this with global PSTN (public switched telephone network) inbound online numbers and the world is suddenly a smaller place. And all of this can be implemented without any expensive upgrades of existing telephone infrastructure.

Initially the company will charge about 2.1 cents per minute for calls to cell phones and fixed lines, but calls from computers to phone systems using the Skype software will be free.

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