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March 31, 2009

MySpace Canada expands relationships with advertisers
Merger will help businesses achieve marketing goals

MySpace Canada has announced an alliance with Olive Media, a Canadian full-service online media solutions company.

The agreement will broaden MySpace Canada's distribution channels by leveraging Olive Media's sales force, technology, and relationships with advertisers across Canada. Olive Media's Brand Response Network will now include MySpace Canadian display inventory.

"By driving more marketers to the MySpace brand, this alliance will help increase MySpace's exposure with advertisers, and improve our overall share of the digital advertising dollars in Canada,"said Sue McGill, Executive Director of Sales, Business Development and Marketing, MySpace Canada.

"Our top priority at Olive Media is to provide marketers and advertisers with the products and audiences they need to achieve their marketing goals," said Theresa Smith, Director of Audience, Olive Media.

In addition, Olive Media will sell, on behalf of MySpace Canada, its inventory to advertisers and agencies located in the province of Quebec.

"Over 20 per cent of our traffic comes from the province of Quebec," continued McGill. "By partnering with one of the leading digital sales organizations in Canada and by leveraging their expertise and relationships in Quebec, MySpace can increase its visibility in that market."

MySpace Canada offers a wide range of advertising solutions and has a platform that allows users to engage, participate, connect and respond to advertiser brands and advertisers to reach a new generation of consumers.

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