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March 16 , 2010

Lattes right at your fingertips with Canada's first official Starbucks application

myStarbucks App allows users to build and share their favourite beverages, find store locations anywhere in the world and much more

The myStarbucks application is the first official Starbucks application for Canadian iPhone and iPod touch customers on-the-go. The myStarbucks App (noted by the iconic green Starbucks logo) will allow users to build and share their favourite beverages, find store locations anywhere in the world, look up detailed nutritional information for Starbucks food and beverage items, build and store favourite Starbucks espresso drinks, and learn more about Starbucks rich selection of whole bean coffees.

Save your Starbucks favourites

The myStarbucks tab allows you to easily find and store your favourite stores, espresso beverages, Starbucks whole bean coffees, and food items for quick reference or to share with friends and family.

Your Starbucks stores

Under the Stores tab, you can search for your closest Starbucks store in both map and list view. You can also type in a postal code, city, or address and get a list of stores in the area.

The myStarbucks application also offers the unique ability to filter stores and conduct location searches based on a store’s amenities, including store hours and whether they have oven-warmed food, or wireless internet access.

After selecting a store, you can easily add it to your MyFavorites tab or tap a button to invite a friend to meet you via SMS texting. Links to a store’s phone number also allow you to call the store or get directions to the location with a tap of the finger.

Your favourite whole bean coffee

Under the Coffees tab, you can get detailed information about Starbucks core, seasonal, and traditional coffees, including where the coffee was grown and when it is available in our stores.

The Coffees tab also features a Coffee Finder that allows you to select flavour descriptions that appeal to you. The Finder then chooses a coffee that best fits your selected taste profile.

Your drink builder

With the one-of-a-kind Drink Builder, you can create and save customized espresso beverages, send favourites to friends and family members, and get nutritional information. You can even see what requesting nonfat milk or holding the whip does to the calorie count.

Your Starbucks Food information

The myStarbucks application makes finding information about your favourite Starbucks food items even easier. Under the Foods tab, you can see photos, get detailed descriptions and retrieve ingredient and nutritional information, including calories, fat, sodium content, and cholesterol.

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