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March 16 , 2010

Make your company more engaging
Tool helps build employee engagement

Carlton Group, Ltd. has re-launched its Power2Motivate Web site at http://www.power2motivate.com, allowing users to easily launch their employee incentive and recognition programs in just minutes. And, to help companies measure and understand their employees' satisfaction, the new site offers a free employee engagement survey.

"The demands of this economy require high levels of employee engagement to drive bottom line results," says Carlton president and CEO Rob Purdy. "With the free workforce engagement survey, companies receive a clear snapshot about participation levels, employees' satisfaction with their job and manager, and how the company's engagement level compares to the national level. Our experts work with the data to help companies develop an overall employee engagement strategy."

The Web site also offers free tools, resources to stay on top of trends, and information to help managers create effective employee recognition strategies.

"The P2M blog will be updated regularly by guest experts who will share valuable information about recognition and incentive strategies that really work," says Purdy, adding that visitors to the site may sign up for a free digital subscription to Return on Performance magazine, a business publication that provides executives with information about employee engagement and performance.

Also available is a free 7-day trial of Carlton's innovative Power2Motivate, a leading "On-demand" recognition, incentive and training solution available in more than 50 countries. To learn more, visit http://www.power2motivate.com or call 905-477-3971.

A robust social media strategy also accompanies the Power2Motivate's launch, allowing Carlton to continue to reach out virtually to companies with free white papers, and other tools available from the robust and easy-to-use, web-based P2M application.

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