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June 23, 2009

ThinData awarded lucrative CMA contract
Company to drive all email strategies

ThinData, a Transcontinental Company, has been awarded a contract by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) to provide the industry group with email strategy and creative design for their email marketing programs.

Through this new partnership ThinData leverages its email marketing expertise to assist CMA with improved content and segmentation of its emails; as well as to refine the creative approach while enhancing email deliverability. With CMA’s monthly email volume, ThinData will drive the email strategy for all communications, including regular weekly updates, breaking news, notification of courses and events, in addition to ecommerce-related emails. The goal is to simplify the email process for the Association and to enhance the value of the emails for its members.

“Our members are the country’s most influential and savvy marketers, and as such, they demand the most effective and compelling marketing communication,” said Alan Flint, Vice President, Membership and Marketing Services, CMA. “ThinData has an excellent track record for email marketing and, as part of Transcontinental’s Marketing Communications Sector, also has resources in offline and cross-channel marketing. This made ThinData a great partner for us.”

ThinData will work with CMA to ensure that email content is timely and relevant to their members.  By adapting messages as needs evolve to help CMA create emails that are dynamic and easy-to-use, reading and interacting with email content will be more efficient. This new partnership is expected to provide CMA with a well-organized process and cost-effective campaigns, which will solidify its position as Canada’s leading marketing association.

“We’ve always been strong advocates and members of CMA because it is essential to the growth and development of the marketing profession. We’re very pleased that CMA chose ThinData to provide them with the strategy, creative and technology to strengthen relationships within the marketing community through email,” said Chris Carder, President of ThinData. “CMA is an association that understands the power of email and is committed to using it successfully.”

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