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June 1 , 2010

Innovative site sets new trend in e-commerce

Socialpda acts as online central hub

Socialpda becomes first site to combine aggregate buying, social networking and geo location to web-based shopping. Socialpda is a social networking site that acts as a central hub for online communication. Their aim is not to replace the existing and well-established social networks but to bring them all together in one place. They have created a missing link between retailers and customers. Socialpda offers a customized shopping experience with personalized coupons, wish lists and important date reminders.

"We are pioneering the way people look at getting deals online by helping shoppers connect with the businesses and services they are truly interested in. Through improved communication of social networking, analysis of our user's interests and keeping businesses more informed, we are able to create an added value to our promotions," explains Robert Marhamat, founder of socialpda.

Socialpda is also launching an iPad app development competition to make their service better. The winner will be awarded $5000 plus 25 free deals. More details on the contest here: www.goodsocialcents.com

About Socialpda:

Socialpda is all about communication between users, businesses and the tech community. The core of their business is based around understanding what people want and helping them get it. They listen to their target audience and try to create a solution to their needs and problems, not just follow trends.

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