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June 15 , 2010

Carry the World Wide Web in your pocket

Nokia makes getting connected easy

Nokia recently announced the availability of the Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick exclusively with Rogers Communications, a fast and convenient way to access the Internet without relying on hard to find public hotspots or wired Internet connections.

With the Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick, media junkies can get their Internet fix without the wait. The Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick boasts a fast connection to the web with up to 21.1 Mbps download speed and up to 5.76 Mbps upload speed. Plus, the accompanying microSD card reader can store up to 32GB of content. Sleek, portable and lightweight, consumers can fit the power of the World Wide Web in their back pocket with this compact and easy-to-carry Internet solution.

"The Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick allows users to transform their laptops into mobile offices," said Richard White, General Manager, Nokia Canada. "With a simple plug into a USB port, Canadians can surf the web, send e-mails and stay closely connected to social networks no matter where they are on the Rogers HSPA+ network."

The Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick serves a variety of purposes for both business users and consumers. Whether stuck in an airport lounge en route to a meeting, or enjoying a week off at the cottage, the Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick provides high speed Internet access in the absence of readily available public hotspots or wired Internet connections. Busy, on-the-go Canadians can now browse the Internet with a simple plug and play installation on their Windows, Mac or Linux systems without the dreaded search for an available network. Users will save valuable time by browsing the web and downloading content just about anytime, anywhere on the Rogers HSPA+ network.

Other features of the Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick include:

  • Optimized RF antenna for high-powered performance with low power usage
  • Software for easy connection set-up and installation
  • SMS text messaging for Windows PC users

The Nokia CS-18 Internet Stick is available through Rogers for $0.00 with 2 or 3 year term plans.

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