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January 26 , 2010

Clip Mobile launches Canadian coupon app
Search, save and redeem offers

If your New Year's resolution includes shopping smarter this year, the Clip Mobile Coupon application is a must have for Canadian consumers in 2010. Clip allows users to search, save and redeem special offers from your favorite merchants and restaurants using your iphone, ipod touch, Blackberry and Google Android Smartphones. The app is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch devices on the App Store. Blackberry and Android versions are being rolled out over the next few months.

Clip uses the built-in GPS in your Smartphone, so the app does all the work finding deals. Shoppers never have to worry about forgetting flyers at home, or having a wallet stuffed with paper coupons. The application is free to download and no registration is required to use the service.

Clip Mobile is Canada's first location-based mobile coupon network. "It's 2010 and mobile technology is hot, but we are still facing a challenging economy. Canadians are definitely looking to save money and spend smarter using their mobile device," says David Offierski, Founder of Clip Mobile.

It's as easy as 1,2,3

The application was designed with simplicity in mind. When a user opens the app, it automatically determines their location and finds a list of offers or deals based on their proximity to a merchant. Deals can be filtered by category or by their alphabetical listing. Coupons can be "saved to the phone" for quick viewing and to redeem a coupon, the user simply presses the "Use Now" button to display the discount code to the cashier. It's that easy, and because there is no paper, ink or postage involved, Clip is environmentally friendly.

Clip Mobile is offering 3-months of service absolutely free to merchants who start a mobile coupon campaign before the end of the month. There is no credit card required to register and no obligation to continue to use the service. A self-directed account costs $50/month per location and merchants are able to manage an unlimited number of offers.

The Clip Coupon Management System is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. The CMS is where merchants have real-time control to create, manage and analyze the performance of every mobile coupon campaign.

A new era of mobile services in Canada

A recent Motorola research study of holiday shoppers identified that more than half (51 percent) of consumers across 11 countries used their mobile phones for in-store activities such as comparison shopping, peer feedback, product information and coupons, which signals the increasing importance for retailers to adopt mobile strategies to remain competitive.

"Framing these developments in the context of the Canadian market is important," says Offierski, "There are over 4.5 million Canadians who used their phones to access the mobile Internet last year and Smartphone adoption continues to grow at an impressive 5% per quarter. Per capita, Canada has a higher Smartphone penetration rate than the US and as the Smartphone adoption trend continues, so too will demand for mobile services in the Canadian market. Clip Mobile is providing tools for building engagement between merchants and consumers in a rapidly evolving market, where people want access to relevant information on-the-go and on their phones."

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