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January 26 , 2010

BV! Media named top online ad network in PQ
Ranked #8 in Canada by comScore

BV! Media significantly increased its presence in both French and English Canada in the second half of 2009 and the results are starting to show as per comScore December 2009 key measures reports:

  • All Canada: 16,645,000 unique visitors (Ranked 8th Ad Network)
  • Quebec: 6,538,000 unique visitors (Ranked 1st Ad Network)

BV! Media is now uniquely positioned to drive interactive market penetration with a team of over 45 employees and with one of the largest interactive sales forces in Canada comprised of over 20 sales veterans exclusively representing the Canadian inventory of over 400 top-tier publishers, combined with its own proprietary behavioural targeting technology.

"We've never been more confident about the future prospect of our business", says Gino Coutu, President, Advertising network and Co-CEO of BV! Media. The reach of our network in Canada, as confirmed by comScore, is a testament to our ongoing efforts to build a strong English network as a complement to our already leading French network. With a first class team of dedicated employees and supportive clients and publishing partners, we continue to aim higher and strive to duplicate our success in Quebec across Canada.

"Having great reach across all markets in Canada definitely puts BV! Media in a great position", says Cathy Fernandes, VP Sales & Marketing at BV! Media. "But unlike many other ad networks, our focus is not only about the reach, but the quality of the environment on which we display our advertisers' brand. Our network is 100% transparent and we pride ourselves in having the highest quality standards when it comes to allowing publishers to take part in our network".

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