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February 9 , 2010 

Novus smashes the speed barrier in Canada
Offers country's fastest internet service

Speed matters. Canadians want – and need – more access to broadband Internet at faster speeds than ever before. The ever-growing popularity of Internet services including video and audio downloading, sharing and streaming websites; interactive gaming and peer-to-peer and server applications require greater bandwidth. Having strategically invested in a state-of-the-art fibre optic network, Novus Entertainment Inc., is giving customers in Metro Vancouver just that – the fastest Internet speeds in Canada at 200 megabits per second (Mbps).

“We noted a recent survey by Harvard University which found that Canadians’ access to superior broadband performance and infrastructure ranked poorly among developed countries,” said Donna Robertson, Co-President and Chief Legal Officer of Novus Entertainment Inc. “While these results are disappointing, this provided Novus with the opportunity to not only take this challenge head on and provide customers with superior Internet speeds, but to also set us apart from the competition.”

Novus’ two new top-tier Internet service packages will be available to customers effective February 12, 2010. Novus’ Net 200, offering Canada’s fastest residential Internet service at 200 Mbps, will be priced at $279.95 per month. This works out to one of the lowest costs per megabit per second in Canada. Novus is also offering a symmetrical Net 200 Soho package for home-businesses. Customers already subscribed to Novus’ Net 60 package will automatically be upgraded to the new Net 100 package at no additional cost.

“Canadians want a service provider that delivers a fast Internet connection to meet their growing needs at a reasonable cost,” said Doug Holman, Co-President and Chief Financial Officer of Novus Entertainment Inc. “Yet they’re paying among the highest prices for some of the lowest speeds. Novus’ superior fibre-optic network allows us to provide our customers with best-in-class, reliable and consistent transfer speeds that the incumbents simply can’t offer.”

Novus’ Net 200 will be available in selective buildings that are configured for 200 Mbps technology. With the vision of becoming one of Metro Vancouver’s major Internet and communications service providers, Novus continues to expand its service in Vancouver and Burnaby and plans to launch services in Richmond in 2010.

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