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February 16 , 2010

Get in the Games with Macleans.ca coverage
Daily live reports now online

What's the buzz on the slopes at Whistler and in downtown Vancouver? Which underdog just won a medal - and who got caught cheating? What were the most amazing/funniest/most poignant moments of the day?

And what's it like to witness a Canadian athlete being presented with an Olympic gold medal for the first time ever on home soil?

The special Olympic microsite will feature blog posts, opinion and humour pieces from our 11 reporters/columnists on-site in Vancouver and Whistler: Paul Wells, Andrew Coyne, Anne Kingston, Scott Feschuk, Jonathon Gatehouse, Ken MacQueen, Charlie Gillis, Michael Friscolanti, Nick Kohler, Jason Kirby, Nancy Macdonald.

Check out http://macleans.ca/vancouver2010 beginning Feb 11 to read first-hand colourful reports on everything from the bobsleigh and the biathlon to figure skating, freestyle skiing and hockey, along with profiles of top Canadian Olympians, including: Calgary's Helen Upperton (bobsleigh); Vancouver's Michael and Britt Janyk (alpine skiing); B.C.'s Scott Niedermayer (hockey); Ontario's Steve Omischl (ski jumping); London, Ont.'s Christine Nesbitt (speed skating); and Montreal's Jennifer Heil (alpine skiing).

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