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February 16 , 2010

Monitor social media in real-time with MediaVantage from CNW Group
New software system designed to manage, monitor and measure media relations using a single web-based portal

CNW has added social media monitoring tools to its all-in-one communications management software, MediaVantage. Clients of the system can now monitor microblogging platforms such as Twitter and integrate any public RSS feed into their MediaVantage portal, allowing more customization than ever before.

"Media monitoring isn't just about newspaper clippings anymore," said Nicole Guillot, Vice President, Product Management and Operations at CNW.

"This upgrade addresses the increasing influence of online news sources in the PR professional's world. It is part of CNW's commitment to provide MediaVantage clients with the ability to monitor all relevant sources within one convenient platform."

In today's 24-hour news cycle, effective reputation management is more difficult than ever. Online reputation can make or break an organization's bottom line - quickly.

MediaVantage PR software allows communications professions real-time ability to Monitor media coverage and online public reaction, Manage workflow around a response and Measure media or community relations performance in one, convenient portal:

  • Monitor when and where you're getting coverage by searching the largest collection of media content available electronically in one platform
  • Get automated reports and real-time news alerts delivered to your handheld or desktop so you're always one step ahead of the curve
  • Manage your workflow by collaborating and coordinating all communications efforts in one place
  • Produce dynamic charts and clip books to illustrate and measure tonality, trends, key message pick-up, readership, brand mentions and quote counts.
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