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December 22 , 2009

Penzu.com turns blogging on its head
Online version of offline diary now available

Penzu.com is turning blogging on its head by being the online version of the offline diary or journal

Online trends and development in the area of information sharing and connectivity over the past decade have led to a world of increased exposure. From blogs and microblogs to Facebook and MySpace profiles, many of us mindlessly share the details of our personal and professional lives with complete strangers on a daily basis – and let’s face it, many of us are guilty of oversharing on occasion. There are times when we should consider keeping our thoughts to ourselves and remember that not everyone is interested in our most intimate and immediate thoughts.  For those times, there is Penzu.com – a free online journal site that is private by design.

Penzu.com is like a private blog, providing users with a free password protected diary or journal that is only shared when desired. Not only are accounts password protected, but individual entries can be “locked” with military-grade encryption. Unlike many other online diary sites, Penzu.com offers an intuitive interface that emulates a traditional pad and paper – along with a wide-range of seamlessly integrated features:

  • Password protection on your account and a second password “lock” for individual entries
  • Ability to attach photos to your entries by uploading them from your computer or Flickr
  • Option to share entries with friends and family via email or Twitter
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic saving, and remote backups to ensure your entries are safe
  • Ability to search and filter past entries

Users who want enhanced features can sign up for Penzu Pro for only $19 a year and receive:

  • Enhanced privacy with military-grade encryption on all entries
  • Ability to add custom tags to entries for easier organization
  • Uploaded photos can be viewed at a larger size and downloaded
  • Export entries in a number of different formats (PDF, TXT, XML)
  • Import entries from Blogger, Wordpress or Live Journal
  • Customize your background, pad style and text formatting for each entry
  • Check all your entries for spelling mistakes with the new spellcheck feature
  • Additional entry backup that is stored separate from Penzu’s database
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