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August 25 , 2009

Air Canada joins the iPhone revolution
Travel arrangements made easy

Air Canada has become the first North American airline to release an Apple iPhone/iPod touch application.

The free App will make it convenient for travellers with Apple devices to retrieve electronic boarding passes, track flight information in real-time, receive notification of itinerary changes and obtain other details about Air Canada flights.

“Air Canada continues to be an industry leader in offering customers mobile and wireless services that provide real-time information and convenient functions for people who are on the move. We are significantly expanding these options with the release of our Air Canada App, which will enable travellers using an Apple iPhone or iPod touch device to check-in, board and obtain other details about Air Canada flights. This is only the first iteration of our App and we will continue to add new features in response to customer demand,” said Ben Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. “In addition to our Apple App, Air Canada is introducing more cutting-edge technical innovations that will enhance and simplify our self-service and mobile options for customers who like the freedom of managing their own travel.”

Available free on-line from the Apple App Store on iPhone or iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore/, the new App was developed for Air Canada by IBM Canada. It will among other things enable users of Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices to: keep track of and update all of their Air Canada and Jazz flights from a single location; receive messages and link to their electronic boarding passes; access Air Canada Mobile check-in to select a seat and retrieve an electronic boarding pass; book flights using an Air Canada Flight Pass; rent a car or access other convenient travel links; and find and track any Air Canada or Jazz flight.

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